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Peter Ström

I am lecturer in Swedish with a didactical orientation doing teaching and research in Swedish/Scandinavian languages, often in relation to the teaching profession.



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Language Studies Section: Swedish and Scandinavian Studies
A, Humanisthuset, korridor HUM.J.2 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My main area of interest includes written discourse and literacy practices in contexts such as school och work life in general. In my doctoral thesis I was studying written child welfare investigations from a genre-analytical and critical discourse perspective, and although the focus was on the written texts, I also examined the environments where the texts are written. More recently, I have studied the reception of written authority information, students' writing and teachers' professional literacy practices.

In addition to research and teaching, I am assigned as deputy director of education in Swedish/Scandinavian languages at the department of language studies. In the past, I have also held assignments in various committees in higher education, including phd student representative on the faculty board for Arts and humanities (Linnéuniversitetet) between 2013 and 2016.

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Research projects

1 January 2019 until 31 December 2021