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Research group Much of the waking day is spent reading and writing. Many people read and write in many languages in the course of their personal and working lives. The relatively recent shift from mass reading to mass reading and writing along with today’s ubiquitous access to literacies not only presents challenges for schools, universities and other educational arenas, but also for literacies research.

Reading and writing are complex systems in which language, identity and context meet and interact. To further our understanding of this nexus it is necessary to investigate literacy from many perspectives. LITUM’s researchers are experienced in many approaches to literacy research that consider teaching, learning and use of literacies. These approaches include cognitive and sociocultural perspectives, and qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies.

Examples of areas of research currently undertaken by members of LITUM include:

·         literacy, policy and democracy,

·         literacy and multilingualism,

·         literacy difficulties, 

·         literacy across the curriculum, and

·         literacy and technology

Head of research

Annika Norlund Shaswar
Associate professor
Sofie Areljung
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Language Studies, Umeå School of Education