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Staff photo Wasif Raza

Wasif Raza

I am PhD student at the department of sustainable health. The primary concern of my research is to examine the combined effect of air pollution and physical activity on cardiovascular diseases.



Works at

Affiliated as other position at Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine Units: Section of Sustainable Health
6B, 4tr, Norrlands universitetssjukhus Umeå universitet, by1a, B41, NUS, 901 85 Umeå

I am investigating about the joint effects of physical activity and long-term exposure of air pollution on both cardiovascular disease and survival after illness due to cardiovascular disease. I want to find out, whether long term exposure of air pollution modifies the beneficial impact of physical activity and, on the contrary, whether physical activity such as leisure time and active commuting, negates the harmful effects of air pollution. Knowing this will support the adoption of strategies to improve health through physical activity promotion and air pollution mitigation.

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