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The courses the the Department of Law are concluded with an exam or another form of student assessment. You can find more information in the syllabus for each course.

All students are required to sign up for the exams at the Student website at least 10 working days before the exam takes place, see the learning platform for more information. We cannot guarantee a place in the writing hall if you fail to sign up in time.

Study with disabilities

If you have a decision that makes you entitled to support for disabilities you you may have adaptations during a written exam. Adaptations can be extended time or access to a separate room. In order to get this adaptations it is important that you contact the course administrator no later than three weeks before the exam. 

You have to apply for your support before you can get any adaptations, the application is made through the system Nais. 


Re-exams are offered for every course, a few weeks after the first exam. You need to sign up for it at the Student website.

Extra Re-exam

If you failed your re-exam or did not have the opportunity to write it, you will get another chance at an extra re-exam. These are held in august of every year.

Cheating and plagiarism

Read more about cheating and plagiarism at Umeå University.

Examination at another university

The exams normally take place at campus in Umeå. If special circumstances are at hand, a student may apply to sit the exam at another university. Special circumstances are defined as situations that the student cannot influence or control. The student must apply at least one month before the day of the examination. The application should be addressed to Department of Law.

Template for essays

When writing an essay in law you should use our template for essays.