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On this page you will find information about writing examinations at Umeå University. An examination can be written om paper or digitally.

New rules for written hall exams

On 28 August, new rules for written hall exams take effect. The change that will have the biggest impact on students is that you will no longer be able to take an exam without signing up in advance. So, always remember to sign up in time. Otherwise, you will miss out on that exam.

The new rules can be found here: Rules for written hall exams

Examination Schedule

You can see your scheduled examinations when you log in to the Student web. You can see a full schedule for examinations in the booking system TE Exam.


An e-exam is written on either your own or a pre-booked computer in the university's examination halls. If you are using your own computer, you need to prepare the computer before taking an e-exam. You will find the instructions here: E-examination on campus with Inspera.

Always sign up for an examination

You always need to sign up if you intend to attend a written exam. To be able to sign up for an exam you must be registered on the course, and you have to sign up during the period when signing up is open.

Generally you do the signing up on the Student web, but the department that provides the course can choose other ways to sign up. If you are unsure, contact your institution.

Read more about how to sign up for an examination on the student website.

Rules and guidelines

Arrive on time

You must arrive at the exam hall no later than 20 minutes before the start time of the exam. Identification checks and all preparations must be completed before the start time of the exam. The door to the exam hall closes just before the exam begins.


You must provide a valid photo ID, both when you enter the exam hall and when you hand in the exam. Bring your ID to your seat and have it visible on the table during the exam. The invigilator may check your ID even when the exam has begun.

Valid forms of photo ID

Valid forms of photo ID include

  • Swedish passport
  • Swedish driving licence
  • Swedish and international ID card
  • Swedish SIS-marked ID or ID card issued by Swedish government agency, such as the Swedish Tax Agency identity card for people registered in Sweden
  • International passport that is valid, clear and wrapped and has text in English, French or Spanish. Other national ID documents from outside the EU/ESS does not apply
  • For students from an EU/ESS country without a Swedish social security number can identify themselves with a national ID card for EU citizens issued from 2 August 2021 according to the EU Regulation 2019/1157 on more secure identity cards for EU citizens.

LMA cards and residence permit cards are not approved ID documents.

If you have questions during your exam

Contact the invigilator if you have questions during your exam. Raise your hand and the invigilator will come to you.

Handing in your exam

When handing in your exam, walk to the invigilator table, show identification and hand in your exam according to the invigilator's instructions.

Read the full regulations

Rules and guidelines for written exams

Find the room for examination

Östra paviljongen

The examination halls for the University (Campus Umeå) are in Östra paviljongen, Ålidbacken 23: Map showing Östra paviljongen

It costs SEK 6 per hour to park at the Östra paviljongen. You can pay via the Parkster app or text message.

Other premises

At times when many students write examinations, these premises are also being used as examination halls. Click on the links for maps.

Aula Biologica, Biologihuset, Umeå universitet

Ersboda Folkets Hus

IKSU sport, Helsingsforshallen

Naturvetarhuset, Umeå universitet

Nolia, Showroom och Blomquist Ljungberg

Norra beteendevetarhuset, Umeå universitet.

Latest update: 2023-05-22