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On this page you find information about writing examinations in the examination halls on campus. You also find information about how to take an e-examination.

Examination Schedule

You can see a schedule for examinations in the booking system TimeEdit.

Examination schedule

Always sign up for an examination

You always need to sign up if you intend to attend a written exam. To be able to sign up for an exam you must be registered on the course, and you have to sign up during the period when signing up is open.

The department that provides the course chooses how signing up for an exam shall be done. Read more about how to sign up for an examination on the student website.

Find the room for examination

The examination halls for the University (Campus Umeå) are in Östra Paviljongen, Ålidbacken 23. At times when many students write examinations, other premises are also being used as examination halls.

Map showing Östra Paviljongen

Prepare before taking an e-examination on campus

An e-exam is written on either your own or a pre-booked computer in the university's examination halls. You need to prepare before taking an e-exam.

Preparations before taking an e-exam

Rules and guidelines

It is important that you know about the rules and guidelines for written exams.

Rules and guidelines for written exams.

Routines for written hall examinations

Do not take part if you are sick

If you are sick, you must not take part in your hall examination, and you must report your absence to your teacher. If you cannot participate due to sickness, you can instead take your examination at the next possible opportunity.

Reduce crowding in the building

It is still important to prevent crowding, so try to spend as little time as possible in the hallways outside the examination halls, both prior to and after the exam.

Identify yourself

The invigilator will check your identification against the list of registered students after you have sat down at your seat and the exam has started. Remember to take your identification with you to your seat.

Questions and comments during your exam? Contact the invigilator
If you have questions during your exam, you can approach the invigilator’s desk and ask your questions through the Plexi glass sheet. Remember to maintain distance to other students and the invigilator – take note of the floor markings.

Hand in your exam

When handing in your exam, remember to maintain distance to other students and the invigilator – take note of the floor markings.

Read the full regulations


Examination for external students

Students studying at other higher education institutions have the possibility of taking an examination at Östra paviljongen, Umeå University. Contact the relevant department at the higher education institution in question if you wish to take an examination.