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How to appeal

If you consider the university's decision about degree or transfer of credits to be incorrect, you can make an appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board. Your appeal shall be made in writing and sent to Umeå University within three weeks from the day you were notified of the decision.

What should the appeal contain?

In the appeal, you must state:

  • which decision (including case number) you want to appeal
  • the date on which you were notified of the decision
  • why you think the decision is incorrect and how you think the decision should be changed
  • your name and date of birth (or Swedish personal identity number)
  • your postal address, e-mail address and telephone number

Please note that you can only appeal the decision based on the information that was in your case when the decision was made. If you want to supply new documents or add more qualifications, submit a new application instead of appealing. In your new application, you enter all qualifications and attach the documents on which you want the application to be based.

Time limit to appeal

Your appeal must be received by the university within three weeks from the day you were notified of the decision. If the appeal is received later than this, the appeal will not be reviewed.

Where should the appeal be sent?

Send your appeal by email to registrator@umu.se or by regular mail to:

Umeå University
Registry and archives
901 87 Umeå

How is the appeal processed?

The university first examines whether your appeal was received in due time. Appeals received too late will be rejected.

If the appeal has been received in due time, the university reconsiders the decision and assesses the case again. You will receive a written notification with information if the decision is changed or if the university withholds its previous decision.

Your appeal will be forwarded to the Higher Education Appeals Board. The university also sends a copy of the decision that you have appealed, the university's motivation and the documents that gave rise to the decision. Once the Higher Education Appeals Board has made its decision, they will send the decision to you.

Here you can read about how The Higher Education Appeals Board handles appeals.

Latest update: 2023-11-24