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University of Otago

About the university

Available places: 2 semester places for the Academic Year 2024/2025 

Established: 1869 which makes it the oldest university in New Zealand.
Number of students: 17,000
Campus: The university has five campuses, main campus is located in the centre of Dunedin.
Student life: The Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) offers a wide range of support and activities for students, for example: volunteer programmes, film festivals, representation in classes, introduction to the university and OUSA Recreation: a hub including OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre, OUSA Aquatic Centre and OUSA Squash Courts.

About Dunedin

Dunedin is a university city with over 120,000 inhabitants. The city is one of the best-preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the southern hemisphere. There are beaches and rocks at the Pacific Ocean, perfect for surfing or for watching seals and penguins. In Dunedin city center, just a few minutes walk from the university area, the city offers entertainment, such as sports events and social and cultural activities. Dunedin is renowned for its culinary experiences in the form of fresh local seafood and delicacies. Further inland, just a few hours drive, there are other attractions, such as indigenous forests and ski resorts and vineyards.

Information from University of Otago

Restrictions: Exchange students from Umeå may only be accepted to Dunedin campus. Students will have to complete a bachelor's degree before enrolling into Graduate papers.

Closed programmes are courses in:
Teachers college
College of Education
Pharmacy or any other clinical courses

Programmes/courses with limited access: Some courses such as Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science Communication and Wildlife Management and Marine Science are restricted in admissions - see the notes in the course catalogue.

Full time studies (corresponding to 30 hp)
Undergraduate studies: 60 credits
Postgraduate studies: 60 credits

Course levels:
100: 1st year courses (often first year papers; most have no pre-requisites). 
200: 2nd year courses (you must meet prerequisites to take these courses at Otago.) 
300: 3rd year courses (you must meet prerequisites to take these courses at Otago.) 
400: 4th year courses (Honours/Graduate level papers.)

Course types
Courses are called 'papers' at University of Otago. Most papers are 18 points respectively.

Incoming exchange students need an undergraduate diploma in order to apply for graduate courses.

Academic year
Term 2: July–November
Term 1: Feb–June

Exchange student fees   
Please note that students will need to pay for mandatory health insurance (Studentsafe-University). For more information, please see website   


Students are encouraged to apply for Uniflats. All the University Flats are located within an easy walk of the University campus and main shopping centre. Students share the cleaning and cooking duties and usually shop together for the food. Rent fees include electricity, internet, bed linen, kitchen equipment, UniFlats community events and the services of the University Flats. Flatting expenses are shared with the other students in the flat and are not included in the rent.


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Cost of Living  

Recommended budget for students is a minimum of NZ$22,000 23,000 per year / NZ$11,000 11,500 per semester (2022 costs). Please see Otago Living Costs for detailed information:Living Costs 
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Information for exchange students coming to Otago
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Otago Clubs and Societies 

Disability Information And Support  

Student grants and loans for studies outside of Sweden

You may be entitled to student grants and loans from CSN when studying abroad.

As the cost of living and accommodation may be higher abroad, you can apply for an extra loan known as an additional loan for studies abroad.

You can also apply for an additional loan to cover additional costs, i.e. travel and insurance costs. 

Latest update: 2023-10-13