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Exchange Studies

As an exchange student, you study courses at any of Umeå University’s partner universities around the world. There are different lengths of the exchanges, ranging from five days to an academic year. The most common is that you study for a semester. You do not pay tuition fees to the host university and you can apply to have your credits transferred to your education.

To study as an exchange student means that Umeå University has agreed to "exchange students" with a partner university and that the study results can be accredited at the home university. Consequently, you do not pay fees for your studies at the partner university and your total study period will not be longer than at normal study rate, provided that your courses abroad are accredited.

Where can you go?

Where you can go depends on what you study here at Umeå University. There are university-wide agreements that are open to almost all students and there are exchange agreements connected to a specific department, faculty or study programme. It may also be possible for you to apply for an exchange place that is linked to another department than where you study. Ask the International Contact Person at your department which opportunities are available for you.

If you study engineering or science you can find more information on the Faculty of Science and Technology's webpage about Exchange studies

In Solemove you can find all exchange agreements that Umeå University has with partner universities.

Exchange studies outside Europe

You can go as an exchange student to a partner university outside Europe through the university-wide agreements, or via your department or faculty if they have agreements outside Europe.
Exchange studies outside Europe

Exchange studies in Europe (Erasmus+ and Nordplus)

You can study or do an internship in Europe by participating in the exchange programmes Erasmus+ or Nordplus. Both programmes offer a scholarship for your stay abroad.
Exchange studies in Europe

Exchange studies at the Arctic Circle (North2North)

The programme offers the possibility to study at a partner university located in the Northern region of Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, USA, Canada and the UK.
Exchange studies at the Arctic Circle

How do I apply?

There are different application procedures depending on which exchange agreement or programme you apply to go on exchange through. You must always make an application to Umeå University before you apply to the partner university.

  1. Submit an application to Umeå University
    If you want to apply for departmental or faculty-based agreements you apply to your department or faculty.

    If you want to apply for exchange places under the university-wide agreement you submit your application to International Office. 
    Exchange places under the university-wide agreements
  2. Apply to the host university
    If you are assigned an exchange place you need to make an application to the host university to receive a final decision.

International Contact

All departments with exchange agreements, have an International Contact you can turn to for questions about exchange studies.
List of International Contacts

Pieces of advice!

Carefully consider where you want to go and why you want to go there, it will increase your chances of making a good application.

Contact your study counsellor or international contact person to learn which courses you should take while abroad, to fit them into your study programme in terms of subject and study level.

Read up on the university you want to go to so you are sure there are courses you want and can study.

Latest update: 2024-02-06