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National Taiwan University (NTU)

Available places: 0 places for Spring semester 2024

Established: 1928
Number of students: 33,000
Campus: The university has six campuses, the main campus that is located in Taipei and five smaller campuses, two of them in Taipei and the other three in Zhongzheng District, Yunlin County and Hsinchu County.
Student life: There are more than 400 student clubs with focus on studies, entertainment, art and sports.

About Taipei

Taipei is located in the north of Taiwan and has a tropical climate. The summers are very hot and humid, while the winters are short, mild with a lot of fog. In terms of culture and leisure, Taipei has a lot to offer: museums, the Taipei 101 tower (which was the highest up until 2010), concert halls, temples and festivals, a number of shopping malls. Taipei is  famous for its night markets, Shiling Night Market being the most famous.

Information from National Taiwan University

Closed programmes/courses:
Courses at the College of Medicine.
Courses at the Department of Medicine.
Courses at the Department of Veterinary Medicine
Courses offered by Center for Teaching Education.
Department of Anthropology has special Chinese language proficiency requirements; those courses are conducted in Chinese.
Practicum courses offered by the departments.
Practice courses offer by the Department of Chemistry.
EMBA and EIMBA courses.
All GMBA required courses.
GMBA required courses/core courses are only open to GMBA degree students, whereas most GMBA elective courses are open to exchange students with the authorization codes given by course instructors.

Note: The Department of Economics is under the College of Social Science at NTU. Courses related to economics can also be found in other departments (e.g. College of Management).


Full time studies (corresponding to 30 hp):
Undergraduate: 15 credits
Graduate: 12 credits

Course levels: Undergraduate and graduate

Curriculum numbers are four-digit numbers prefixed with abbreviated department names (e.g. CHIN1001 Freshman Chinese). The four-digit number is called a "basic number".
The first digit of the basic number indicates the target students in terms of year of study.

Undergraduate level:

1000–2999 freshmen and sophomore
3000–4999 junior and senior
5000–6999 upper division courses.
Master courses: 7000–7999

Academic year:
First term: September–January
Second term: February–June


If a student applies for on-campus accommodation before deadline, the student will be guaranteed a room in the university dormitory. Students must indicate if they wish to apply for the dormitory before the application deadline.


Incoming Exchange Student

Course information

Course catalogue

Student grants and loans for studies outside of Sweden

You may be entitled to student grants and loans from CSN when studying abroad.

As the cost of living and accommodation may be higher abroad, you can apply for an extra loan known as an additional loan for studies abroad.

You can also apply for an additional loan to cover additional costs, i.e. travel and insurance costs. 

Latest update: 2023-05-17