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Preparations before Minor Field Studies

This page is intended for those who have been granted a scholarship for Minor Field Studies. On this page you will find practical information about what’s to come and what you should do before you commence your field study.

Sign and send the contract

Students who have been granted a Minor Field Scholarship will receive the document Contract and Scholarship form by e-mail.

You have to sign the document and send it by e-mail to:

Preparatory meeting (mandatory)

Once you have been granted a scholarship, you must participate in a mandatory preparatory meeting at Umeå University.

At the meeting, you will receive information about the scholarship, insurance, personal safety, health as well as practical details which will help you before, during and after your planned field study.

Get permits in the host country

It is your responsibility to investigate if you need a permit to carry out your field study in the host country. Indicate that you are to do a study, do not mention research, investigation, mission or work. Keep in mind that you are doing a minor field study at an undergraduate level.

Apply for a visa

You apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of the host country or through your travel agent. It may be easier to apply for a tourist visa instead of a student visa but that is a decision you have to make.

Vaccinations and medical examination

Get all recommended vaccinations for the country you are travelling to. If you have a chronic illness or if there are other health-related reasons that can affect your stay abroad, you should do a medical examination to ensure there are no hindrance for your travel. Contact your health care centre for information about how to proceed. The scholarship should cover any costs for vaccinations and medical examinations.


When you do Minor Field Studies and are registered in Ladok (Umeå Universitys system for study documentation) you are insured by Kammarkollegiets (The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) insurance Student UT (Swedish). The insurance covers you:

  • during the trip to and from the host country.
  • 24 hours during your stay in the country where your field study is carried out.
  • two weeks prior to the start of your field study and two weeks after the end of your field study.

The insurance does not apply if you stop over in another country on your way to, or from, the host country.

To be covered by the insurance you must be registered in Ladok (Umeå University's study documentation system).

To receive an insurance certificate you must send in an insurance agreement signed by your supervisor at Umeå University and the Contact person in the host country. You also must include a copy of your airplane tickets (return trip).

If the insurance certificate for some reason cannot be signed (i.e. your contact person is not affiliated to an organisation) you must notify the MFS Coordinator at to take out a separate insurance.

Buy airline tickets

Purchase airline tickets, roundtrip, to the town you will be based in. Choose the cheapest alternative and if possible, a flight that arrives in the host country during daytime.

Save your boarding passes – you must hand them in (original) to the International Office when you return to Umeå.

Notify the International Office of your departure

When the flight ticket has been booked and you have set a departure date, you must notify the International Office of your travel plan by sending the scholarship form to

This so that you have time to receive the scholarship, insurance certificate and other certificates well in advance of your trip.

Also contact the International Office when you have returned to Sweden.

Report your stay abroad to the Swedish embassy

Before departure you should inform the Swedish embassy/consulate in the host country about when, where and why you will reside in the country. State your contact person and his or her authority or institution as your address.
The assistance office has no obligation or possibility to help you with practical, technical or administrative issues. This is your contact person's responsibility.

When you are on site you should give the embassy/consulate your contact details, for example your phone number.

You can report your stay abroad on (in Swedish).

Keep a close contact with your contact person in the host country

Send your project description and inform your contact person about you arrival.

Keep close contact before departure and discuss project issues, arrival time, practical things (housing, government contacts, transport).

Keep a close contact with your supervisor at the university

Keep in touch with your supervisor at the university when you are in the host country so that he or she can follow your progress.

Remember to take part of any specific instructions from your department.

Safety and travel recommendations

Prepare for the trip by looking at the Swedish ministry for Foreign Affairs' (UD) travel information (in Swedish). You can visit also the 1177 website for travelling advice concerning health and vaccinations (in Swedish) for the country you are travelling to.

Umeå University must ensure that you are informed about the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel information before and during your field studies and that you consult with the relevant foreign authority if necessary.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website contains information on which countries the authority advises against traveling to (in Swedish).

If you have not yet traveled to the host country

If the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel information contains a dissuasion from staying in a specific country/region or states that "only necessary trips are allowed to the country/region", you will not be allowed to travel to the country/region.

An MFS-study can not be undertaken when the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advise against the below travel:

  • Dissuasion from non-necessary travels to a country
  • Dissuasion from all travels to a country
  • When all Swedes are to leave a country/part of a country

If the dissuasion from non-necessary travels and all travel is only applicable to one specific part of the country (a region), it may be possible for students to carry out the field study in a secure area of the country as long as the dangerous areas are avoided also when travelling to or from the main destination.

If Umeå University has decided to grant you a scholarship and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel recommendations changes to dissuading from any travels, before you leave, the scholarship will be withdrawn.

If you already have travelled to the host country

If you already have travelled to the host country when a dissuasion from travelling comes into effect, you need to return home within 30 days. However, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel dissuasion is superior to the condition of continuous field study time of eight (8) weeks.

If the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Swedes to leave the country/region, you must leave the country/region immediately.

We recommend that you also download the app Resklar - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' app for travel information.

In case of emergency

In case of emergency, for example, personal injury, accidents or changed security situation where you need immediate assistance, you should contact FALCK Global Assistance. They are able to help you quickly in your location. Also contact the MFS-coordinator at, your contact person in the field and your supervisor at Umeå University.

Bring the following contact details:

Phone, immediate assistance: + 46 8 587 717 17
Fax: + 46 8 505 939 13