Henrik Haukeland

Conceptually, Henrik Haukeland's work often deals with the body - both physical and social - as well as the corresponding ideas of consumption, excess, and transformation.

In his project They Made a Meme Out of My Legacy he has been exploring the possibilities of cloning, as seen through the lens of Barbra Streisand's choice to clone her dog. The story is told through hand-sewn textiles, made from materials that emphasise the domestic, such as blankets and bed covers.

The works have a playfulness to them, and aesthetically they appear as something that could, perhaps, be found in a child's bedroom. This physical manifestation is in obvious contrast to the precarious nature of the subject at hand.

The tone of the work, while necessarily conflicting, strives to achieve a balance between absurdity and reality; the humorous and the serious.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Perfect Genetic Balance: Sculpture, ready-made agility board, textile, custom-made soft toys based on Barbra Streisand's dog, scarves, 300 x 90 x 34 cm

Pre and Post-Cloning Lineage: Textile application, bed covers, blankets, sewing thread, steel, 260 x 220 cm

Time is of the Essence in a Post-Mortem Situation: Textile application:,bed covers, blankets, sewing thread, steel, 240 x 220 cm

You Can't Clone the Soul: Textile application, bed covers, blankets, sewing thread, steel, 280 x 280 cm

Genetic Preservation Biopsy Checklist: Textile application, bed covers, blankets, sewing thread, foam mattress, particle board, 260 x 150 x 5 cm


Henrik Haukeland, born 1980, Västerås (Swedish).

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