Tools for the future

The 2020 degree project exhibition of the Master's programme from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts was entitled Tools for the Future.

Christoph Draeger, former professor at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, has been the principal supervisor.

Read Christoph Draeger's text about the exhibition.

Meet the students

Ella Shipway

With a focus on Elvis through her video, Ella Shipway examines the relation of being Elvis and not being Elvis...

Henrik Haukeland

Conceptually, Henrik Haukeland's work often deals with the body - both physical and social - as well as the co...

Irina Laaja

What is a body and how do we relate to ours and to others?

Johanna Robleto

Johanna Robleto is an abstract painter. Her work emphasizes movement, action, composition, form and interactio...

Josefine Östlund

When is an object born? Can you wake up an object and bring two different places together by creating a roar, ...

Line Gry Neivelt

Line Gry Neivelt works with all the ways that photography is failing as a medium.

Martin Eltermann

The stories found in the art of Martin Eltermann are drawn from his surroundings and where he comes from.

Mathijs van Sark

All material, like an object, movement or physical ratio, has borders which give it a purpose.

Mikaela Crantz

Based on the premises of photography, Mikaela Crantz works with the connection between photography and sculptu...

Per Westerlund

Through simple studies of his surroundings, Per Westerlund sketches and paints in order to relate to reality.

Richard Slatter

Richard is interested in perception, how we relate to images and objects. In particular how 'uncomfortable tru...

Viktor Mattsson

The artistic pursuits of Viktor Mattsson include painting, sketches and tattooing.

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