Image: Emmie Thuresson Jansson, Elna Dani

Springer runt stjärnor, glittret följer mig

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition "Springer runt stjärnor, glittret följer mig" 7 May at Västerbotten's Museum.

The exhibition presents three years of studies by 17 students in the Bachelor's Programme in fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University. Drawing on a wide range of ideas and expressions, and based on their specific interests and personalities, the artists have created works that reflect the contemporary and diverse nature of art in today's society.

Vernissage 7 May with speeches by:
Per Nilsson, Head of Department, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts
Edith Marie Pasquier, lecturer and curator at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.
Helena Magnusson, head of the public department at Västerbotten Museum.
Ingela Wall, museum educator at Västerbotten Museum, presents the exhibition.

15:30 there is a performance by Tine Renhorn Fernerud: "Patroner och blåklockan / 


Artist presentations in the exhibition
Hear each artist talk briefly about their work. We move around and look at each work of art while the artist behind the work presents their work. There is time for questions.
Also present are Edith Marie Pasquier, lecturer and curator at the Royal Institute of Art, and museum educator Ingela Wall.


Erik Olof Wiklund
Simon B Neuman
Nora Boestad Högberg
Albin Borg
Ester Cavallin
Charlotte Foureaux
Anna-Lisa Fransson
Erik Höglund
Tine Renhorn Fernerud
Cecilia Renlund
Emmie Jansson
K Hedin
Jordan Shakes Pålerfält
Malin Östberg
Hannes Iversen
Elna Dani
Isak Nygren

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