Josefine Östlund

When is an object born? Can you wake up an object and bring two different places together by creating a roar, on a bridge, in a city, in a sunrise?

Through a performative site-specific method, Josefine Östlund explores the meeting between the body and specific places, city and countryside. The process is what interests her. Going out into the woods, letting it speak, seeing shapes, like bodies. She often starts with a harsh deforestation of the forest or a messy construction site in the city. There she is engulfed by the traces that exist; work, violence, noise, power and discharge. Josefine sees a value in what has been left behind by the progress of the big machines. She handles found site-specific material as objects and is driven by the questions; can it become alive in a new world, in a new place? Can an object live through its own sound? Is it the artist's body movements and breath that animates an object or vice versa? The outcome usually results in performance works, video, sculpture and installation.

Exhibited works, degree exhibition

Haul: Video documented performance, contact microphone, amplifier, brought and found material. Video duration 28.46 mins. Please use headphones!

Haul: The act of dragging something, slowly or heavily. Pull; tug; (the quantity that was caught) catch; (prey) pack; tow; (transport in a vehicle) cart; (objects) drag; law (hale) concur; convene.



By Josefine Östlund.


Josefine Östlund, born 1990, Eskilstuna (Swedish).

Latest update: 2022-11-24