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002_D3_7606-Pano_fr_w.jpgPhoto: Mikael Stiernstedt

The current scanner, a 3T Signa Premiere-system from GE, was installed during the spring of 2022. 


Photo: Mikael Stiernstedt

The 3T scanner from GE (General Electric) Discovery MR 750, were active from the fall of 2009 until the end of 2021 when the upgrade was initiated. Most research within UFBI involving functional MRI was done on this scanner. Previously, research was done on a 3T Philips scanner in the radiology department.



Micael Andersson (Research engineer)

Peter Hägglund (Master of Science in Engineering)

Mikael Bylund (Physics)

Rebeca de Peredo Axelsson (X-ray technician/nurse and section-leader of fMRI)

Mikael Stiernstedt (Research engineer)