Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 1 October 2020)

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Umeå center for Functional Brain Imaging

UFBI is an inter-disciplinary research center where imaging techniques are used to examine brain structure and function in relation to both basic and clinical questions.

To date, more than 100 researchers within Umeå University and more than 50 external researchers have been involved in UFBI-projects as co-authors on publications based on data collected at UFBI.

News & Calendar

Millions to Umeå University in European project about Covid-19
Published: 15 Sep, 2020

The European Commission has granted 6.8 Million Euro to the project SHARE-Covid-19.

SWEAH is now open for new applicants
Published: 04 Sep, 2020

The Swedish National Graduate School for Competitive Science on Ageing and Health

New edition of Kognitiv Neurovetenskap
Published: 28 Aug, 2020

by Professor Lars Nyberg at UFBI.

7,5 millions to reserach at Umeå Universitet
Published: 03 Dec, 2019

Stiftelsen Seniorhusen grants Umeå Universitet 7,5 millions sek for research on aging.

Brain takes a beating as arteries age
Published: 20 Aug, 2019

When arteries stiffen with age, the brain receives more load from the heart's beating that can cause damage.

Contact information

Mikael Stiernstedt
Research engineer
Lars Nyberg
Professor, other position
Johan Eriksson
Associate professor