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The demand for competence in Gender Studies is growing in more and more areas of society. The need to address and discuss gender issues is recognised by schools, media, public as well as and private arenas.

Education at UCGS

Read about our courses and programmes.

The Graduate School of Gender studies - Education at postgraduate level

UCGS offers postgraduate education within the Graduate School of Gender Studies.

Research, UCGS

Learn more about research at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies.

Umeå Centre for Gender Studies regularly organises lectures, seminars and other events that are open for students and the public to attend. The researchers and teachers at the centre are in demand as popular science lecturers. These lectures can focus on a number of topics; for example, gender and politics, gender and violence, gender and equality in families and masculinity.

Please contact UCGS if you want to collaborate with us, or if you have any questions!

Liselotte Eriksson
Associate professor
Latest update: 2022-10-31