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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


Infrastructure at UCMM

The flexible working environment at UCMM allows for interchangeable knowledge expertise of several molecular techniques applied by the different laboratories. The resources listed below are not only available to staff working at UCMM but also for external users.

UserClub policy

Policy for UCMM UserClubs

UserClub fees

Details of fees for UCMM UserClubs


OPT Bioptonics 3001

Optical projection tomography (OPT) is a new technique for generating three dimensional images of gene expression patterns or protein distribution. In contrast to other topmographic techniques, OPT benefits from the possibility to utilize the abundant pool of standard laboratory markers (such as antibodies, LacZ expression, in situ hybridization etc.) to generate contrast. Research performed at UCMM has demonstrated the potential of OPT as tool for imaging and quantification of intact adult mouse organs, e.g. in pancreatic beta-cell assessments in diabetes research.

Contact grp Ulf Ahlgren
200SEK/h for all users
(if solutions are used locally an additional fee will be charged depending on amount)

Lavision Biotec 2nd gen UM (LSFM)

Contact group Ulf Ahlgren
Start up fee external users 3000 SEK
200SEK/h for all users OR
maximum 15 tSEK/year for external users
maximum 10 tSEK/year for internal users

(if solutions are used locally an additional fee will be charged, contact group UA)

Confocal microscope

The confocal room, or the "dark room", harbors a Nikon Eclipse C1confocal microscope equipped with two sets of light sources with 405nm, 488nm and 503nm laser lines or 488nm, 594nm and 633nm laser lines. Samples are easily visualized on a two screen set up using the Nikon Eclipse C1 software.

Contact group Jonas von Hofsten
Start up fee external users 5000 SEK
400SEK/h external users OR maximum 15 tSEK/year
200SEK/h internal users OR maximum 10 tSEK/year

Cryostat sectioning

In the dedicated cryostat room we have access to six MICROM HM 505 E cryostat sectioning instruments with the capacity to cut 1 to 20 µm thick sections. This facility is the nourishing environment of many inspiring discussions about science, as well as life's existential problems.

Contact grp Lena Gunhaga
100SEK/h for external users

Image analysis Imaris

Contact grp Ulf Ahlgren
Start up fee
new users 3000 SEK
100SEK/h for all users


Contact grp Leif Carlsson
100SEK/h for external users


Contact grp Helena Edlund
100SEK/h for external users

Normal epifluorescence microscopes (E800)

Contact grp Helena Edlund
150SEK/h for external users

Dissecting fluorescent microscope

Contact grp Ulf Ahlgren
150SEK/h for external users


Contact grp Helena Edlund
100SEK/h for external users


Contact grp Andreas Hörnblad
50SEK/run for external users

Ultracentrifuge UCMM/IMB

Contact grp Simon Tuck
Start up fee
all users 2000 SEK
External users 200SEK/run OR maximum 10 tSEK/year
Internal users 200SEK/run OR maximum 5 tSEK/year