UID23 | Project Gallery

Master's Programme in Advanced Product Design

XTR 10K|Marian Dembkiewicz


Reimagining and designing the future of multi-purpose workwear - Marian Dembkiewicz

Flir System-X|Jakob Kohnle

Flir System-X

Lowering the barriers of thermal imaging to enable new use cases - Jakob Kohnle

ENLINK|Yilin Lyu


Digitizing small-scale agriculture for a sustainable and productive future - Yilin Lyu

Collaborative care|Laurenz Simonis

Collaborative care

Exploring the potential of mobile, collaborative robots in relieving health care staff - Laurenz Simonis

Liv|Jovan Vulic


Exploring training solutions for midwifery in refugee camps - Jovan Vulic

Moii|Yuchen Lan


Improving adherence to 'Airway Clearance Therapy' in adolescent cystic fibrosis patients - Yuchen Lan

Jabra Assist|Stijn van Cuijk

Jabra Assist

Improving patient outcomes in emergency care through advanced communication technology - Stijn van Cuijk

Master's Programme in Interaction Design

Carefree in 2060|Kimberley Beauprez

Carefree in 2060

A look into how systems, needs and emotions interplay when imagining retirement in the future - Kimberley Beauprez

Collective anticipation|Cornelia Hulling

Collective anticipation

Engaging with shared expectations of future life and mobility around the long making of a train line - Cornelia Hulling

Expressive Signals|Linda Kraft

Expressive Signals

The art of connecting: Enhancing digital expression through crafted connectivity and microinteractions - Linda Kraft

Nectar|Jan von Loeper


Implicit interaction as a sixth sense for exploring cityscapes and recording the soundtrack of your life - Jan von Loeper

MaterialKit|Alex Widua


Exploring digital materials that bring more of the world around us back to the interfaces in front of us - Alex Widua

Enhancing emotional intelligence|Hyunjin Shin

Enhancing emotional intelligence

Enhancing emotional intelligence to have more positive emotion at online workplace - Hyunjin Shin

Solar literacy|Anna Puchalska

Solar literacy

Exploring futures of environmentally-aware digital experiences for fossil free internet - Anna Puchalska

Choreographic interfaces|Amanda Wallgren

Choreographic interfaces

Encourage and elevate personal movement languages in conversation with digital devices at home - Amanda Wallgren

Tone|Ruoyun Wang


A design exploration into daily interpersonal communication through digital mediated technology - Ruoyun Wang

Living sparks|Dongheng Wu

Living sparks

Exploring spatial interactions that shape "Vujà Dé" in confined living spaces to enhance well-being - Dongheng Wu

Master's Programme in Transportation Design

Toyota Eco Warrior 2037|Marius Cramer

Toyota Eco Warrior 2037

Exploring how highly sustainable communities will live, what their demands on a vehicle in 2037 will be - Marius Cramer

Patagonia Explora|Federico Kakazu

Patagonia Explora

Exploring remote locations and landscapes in Patagonia trough scientific tourism - Federico Kakazu

By – The Social Ferry|Heidi Yli-Suvanto

By – The Social Ferry

Encouraging social connections in a new community through a public transportation service - Heidi Yli-Suvanto

Velaria|Saif Al Khamissi


Investigating the value of shared personal mobility in future megacities - Saif Al Khamissi

Hyper Abilities|Erik Olsson

Hyper Abilities

Communicating hidden information of the natural world through the senses while traveling - Erik Olsson

Aquapod|Zain Kadri


A holistic approach towards marine life exploration and ocean awareness - Zain Kadri



A vehicle that co-exists with pedestrians enhancing urban vitality in a future slow city - Wenyu Wu

NIO Homi|Christoffer Weinreich

NIO Homi

Bridging the gap between small living spaces and mobility for young families in the future urban space - Christoffer Weinreich

Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Design

Comfort Living Unit|Mohammad Hajjo

Comfort Living Unit

Prevent and predict fall accidents among the elderly, for independency and a better quality of life - Mohammad Hajjo

Care & Repair|Johan Höijertz

Care & Repair

Simplified repair kit to extend garment lifespan - Johan Höijertz

Plate Pal|Mårten Malmnäs

Plate Pal

Should a diet be based around the food on the plate or by the person eating it? - Mårten Malmnäs

N-RAY|Josephine Samuelsson Wahl


Solving pollution wrecks from WWII posing a danger to our environment - Josephine Samuelsson Wahl

Vindel|Lydia Bäckström


The future of exploring nature: improve safety and reduce your vulnerability out in nature - Lydia Bäckström

Quiet space|Isabelle Olsson

Quiet space

Creating a space where you can focus on your work, in quiet - Isabelle Olsson

ALF|Ruben Presun


Reducing land damages caused by the transport of timber in forestry - Ruben Presun

Coralconnect|Isaac Stenegärd


An experience of the ocean in a responsible and educating way - Isaac Stenegärd

Modular boat interior|Iver Alexey Zaitzow Mikaelsen

Modular boat interior

One hull made to match a wider range of owners for a longer time - Iver Alexey Zaitzow Mikaelsen