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Marine research

UMF is a dynamic environment for marine research including a complete suite of research and analytical platforms.

Marine science at Umeå University

Research with focus on sub-Arctic, Arctic and extreme environments in the context of climate change.


List of scientific publications associated to UMF.

UMF research infrastructure

The Mesocosm facility

Conduct large scale water and sediment experiments under highly controlled conditions.

Research vessels

At Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF), research vessels are available for research and environmental monitorin...

Ice-resistant mesocosms

The mesocosms are used for ecological and toxicological experiments in harsh and icy conditions.

Experiment halls with advanced water treatment

Experimental halls for aquatic experiments in a controlled setting and with an advanced water treatment.

Booking infrastructures

How you as a researcher can book UMF:s infrastructures.

Our funders include:

Latest update: 2023-09-22