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About Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)

A government commission

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF) was established in 1989 on commission of the Swedish government. UMF supports marine research and education, and produces status reports of the sea, with special focus on the Gulf of Bothnia.


The unit is part of Umeå University, and is organised under the Faculty of Science and Technology. UMF's activities are governed partly by regulations established by the University of Umeå University, and partly by a strategy document defined annually.

UMF was transformed to a unit in March 2020.

Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment (HMI)

In 2008 the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment (HMI) was established. It is a collaboration between Umeå University, Stockholm University, The Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Gothenburg University and SLU. There is also a secretariat with coordinating assignments situated at Gothenburg University. The Umeå University Unit is hosted by Umeå Marine Sciences Centre.

The cooperation between the five universities includes research and education in marine science. HMI also assists authorities with scientific expertise, and provide qualified analyzes and syntheses in the work of improving conditions in the marine environment.

Read more on the HMI-website

Advisory council of UMF

As an advisory body for UMF's activities, there is a council. The council meets at least twice a year, and the director of UMF is the principal rapporteur of the council.

Composition of the council:

  • Chairman - Sebastian Diehl, Umeå University.
  • Teacher representatives - Mats Tysklind, Umeå University and Tomas Brodin, SLU.
  • Representative of doctoral education - Karolina Eriksson.
  • Representative of the staff of UMF - Martina Jeuthe.
  • Representative from regional authority - Veronica Lundgren.
  • Representative from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management - Elisabeth Sahlsten.