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About Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF)

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre is a unit at Umeå University with close links to the Departments of Ecology and Environmental Science as well as Chemistry. We are a dynamic environment for marine research and education also conducting environmental monitoring as a part of the Swedish environmental monitoring programme. We have a public engagement portfolio around research and environmental status, with particular focus on the Gulf of Bothnia.


Umeå Marine Sciences Centre is a unit at Umeå University within the Faculty of Science and Technology. Our activities are governed by Umeå University and also our strategic mission and vision.  Our Director is Professor Nick Kamenos and our Deputy Director Dr Siv Huseby

UMF vision and mission

Our vision is to be a leading contributor to Arctic, sub-Arctic and extreme environment knowledge creation. Read more about our vision and mission here.

Advisory council of UMF

The UMF advisory council meets at least twice a year, and the director of UMF is the principal rapporteur of the council.

Composition of the council:

Chairman - Sebastian Diehl, Umeå University.

Teacher representatives - Mats Tysklind, Umeå University and Tomas Brodin, SLU.

Representative of doctoral education - Linda Zetterholm.

Representative of the staff of UMF - Göran Bergqvist.

Representative from regional authority - Veronica Lundgren.

Representative from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management - Elisabeth Sahlsten.

Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment (HMI)

Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment (HMI) is a national academic node for interdisciplinary analysis and synthesis assisting marine environmental governance. The Umeå University unit is hosted by Umeå Marine Sciences Centre.


Contact UMF

Contact details to UMF and staff with different areas of responsibility.

UMF price list

Current pricelist for UMF services and equipment.

Stay at UMF

Food and accommodation for guest researchers.

Latest update: 2023-05-15