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Education Inquiry

Education Inquiry is published by Taylor & Francis on behalf of the School of Education at Umeå University, Sweden.

It publishes four issues per year, with each issue consisting of different sections. In the Open section, the Journal publishes Peer reviewed research based on spontaneous submissions. In the Thematic section, articles may reflect the theme of a conference or workshop and are published after a blind review process. The Invited section features articles by researchers who have been invited to submit work on a specific theme or for a specific purpose. A full overview of the journal can be found here.

Education Inquiry is looking for lucid and significant contributions to the understanding of contextual, social, organizational and individual factors affecting teaching and learning, the links between these aspects, the nature and processes of education and training as well as research in and on Teacher Education and Teacher Education policy. This includes research ranging from pre-school education to higher education, and research on formal and informal settings.

Education Inquiry welcomes cross-disciplinary contributions and innovative perspectives. Of particularly interest are studies that take as their starting point, education practice and subject teaching or didactics.

Education Inquiry welcomes research from a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, and invites studies that make the nature and use of educational research the subject of inquiry. Comparative and country-specific studies are also welcome.

Education Inquiry readers include educators, researchers, teachers and policy makers in various cultural contexts.

Education Inquiry is a continuation of the Journal of Research in Teacher Education which is available in printed copies as well as electronically