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Apply for an UTRI event

You can apply to Umeå Transformation Research Initiative (UTRI) for help with practical issues in all types of events that involves some aspect of sustainability. This means that UTRI take care of all practical details while you contribute with time and ideas. The event can be a discussion of ideas, a pilot project (ancillary costs and/or salary funds), a writing workshop, other workshops or larger conferences and panel debates with invited, international speakers.

Interdisciplinary exchange and external collaboration 

The idea is that events will lead to increased interdisciplinary exchange between researchers and research groups at Umeå University. And another desired outcome is improved collaboration with other universities – both national and international – and with society. 

Requirements for an UTRI event

A requirement is that the event, regardless of type, must be advertised in the UTRI network and allow for all members to register their interest. The event owner, however, can put together the desired group based upon the registered stakeholders. 

After the event, a report must be submitted to UTRI. This report can be a short summary of what took place, or be a product such as an op-ed, a policy brief or a published paper. 

For larger events with invited keynote speakers, you must also include a session open to the public to participate in. This could be in the form of a short lunch lecture or equivalent.  

Any results from events and activities within UTRI will be published on our web site to share our knowledge. Results can also be spread through our mailing list.  

Please note that you are not required to publish such ideas, unpublished articles or applications that have not yet been made public. In those cases, a brief summary is sufficient. Although, when the results have been made public, we would very much like to provide a link to it on the UTRI web site. 

We take care of all practical details

UTRI will take care of all practical details necessary to bring your idea to life. This could be renting premises, sending out invitations, making travel and accommodation arrangements, and order potential snacks or meals for the event. We also take responsibility for all communications in the UTRI network and for contacts with various media when suitable. It is also possible to receive grants for salary, for example in a pilot study. When applying for salary, it must be clear for what purposes, for whom and how many hours and planned funding sources for the future research project. Salary funding require approval of the head of department.

Application period

The application for UTRI events in open. Use the form below.

Funding amounts

UTRI grants funding for small events up to SEK 20,000 and bigger events up to SEK 80,000. Selection will take place continuously (larger events may take longer). 

Application form

Describe the purpose (about half a page). 

You can also submit an attachment. In that case, please type “See attachment” in the field.

Describe how the event will take place in about half a page of text including as much information as you have available about format, agenda, date and time in order for us to get an understanding of the idea. 

You can also submit an attachment. In that case, please type “See attachment” in the field. 

State all participants that are involved from Umeå University. 

Motivate how the event supports sustainable transition and leads to an increased interdisciplinary exchange (half a page). Add what disciplines are involved or plan to be involved, and in what way the event is problem oriented. 

Enter, for example, proposals for handling registrations of interest, feedback (applies to researchers within Umeå University) and any public part of the event (can be both internally at the University and / or externally, outside Umeå University).

Read more in the section above: "Requirements for an UTRI event".

Funding can be applied for

If “Other”, please add an explanation. 

Specify the cost items and approximate costs for the event (note that these are not paid out, but are used as a basis for UTRI to assess which items need to be covered. See the section above: "We take care of all practical details").

You can also submit an attachment. In that case, please type “See attachment” in the field. 

By sending in this application, I'm responsible for the att skicka denna ansökan, I take responsibility for it following the laws and guidelines that apply to Umeå University's activities.

The University is a public authority. Messages that you submit here are stored in accordance with Swedish law. Read more at about how we process personal data.


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