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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 5 May 2021)


Department of Economics

The department of Economics employs about 35 academics involved in research and teaching. The department delivers the economics module as part of the professional degree programs. At the master’s level, the department offers a general economic two-year program, as well as specialized two-year programs in environmental and resource economics and in health economics.

The department produces both theoretical and empirical research and focuses on public economics, public finance, labor economics, environmental economics and resource economics. In general, our research is oriented towards current policy issues of societal interest.

The department has an international outlook and employs economists trained in Sweden and elsewhere. The department welcomes Swedish and international researchers who visit and contribute to its weekly research seminars.

Latest publications in Economics

Fisheries Management and Ecology
Carlén, Ola; Bostedt, Göran; Brännlund, Runar; et al.
Energy Economics, Elsevier 2021, Vol. 96
Hu, Xiao; Jaraite, Jurate; Kažukauskas, Andrius
Deputy Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department

Lars Persson

Director of Studies

Director of Studies

Tomas Raattamaa

Head of Research & Director of Doctoral Studies

Head of Research & Director of Doctoral Studies

Gauthier Lanot

Other administrative assignments

Student Administrator

Study Advisor

Programme Coordinator

Programme Advisor

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