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Vision, Mission and Values


”As an internationally respected, nationally influential, and regionally rooted part of Umeå University, Umeå School of Business, Economics, and Statistics contributes to societal development through education and research of a high international standard”.


”Through interplay with surrounding society, we provide education and research that contributes to the understanding, ability, and responsibility of individuals in relation to societal challenges and the importance of sustainable development”.

We fulfil our mission by:

  • offering a high-quality learning environment that encourages analytical, critical, and independent thinking
  • providing a dynamic research environment of a high international standard within USBE’s academic disciplines
  • functioning as an attractive partner at the international, national, and regional level where we develop and disseminate knowledge in collaboration with other academic institutions,industry, and other actors in society.

Together with surrounding society, we provide education and research to produce responsible individuals with an understanding of and ability to handle society’s challenges based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Our values are based on the following basic principles: Democracy, Legality, Objectivity, Transparency, Respect, Efficiency and Service. These common professional ethical foundations for all state employees are to characterize our actions in all aspects of school activities, in relation to each other, our students, partners, and society as a whole. This entails that we want to be viewed as an open-minded organization that encourages development and a critical and responsible approach, in concept and action, and that we are open to collaboration with others. Together and with the help of others, we will continue to develop.