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About us

Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) is a university integrated business school located at Umeå University Campus. We have about 150 employees and close to 4000 students study in our programmes per year. The areas of research and teaching are in Business Administration, Economics and Statistics.

We are known for our high quality of education, research, interaction with external stakeholders and our strong focus on internationalization. We are proud that our students, lecturers, and researchers represent a stimulating mix of people from different countries and cultures around the world. Since 2018 we are accredited by AACSB.

Vision, Mission and Values

USBE is a university-based business school firmly rooted in the region, nationally influential and internationally respected. Read more.


We act for a sustainable development by creating and spreading knowledge in education, research and in collaboration with others. Read more.

Management Team


Johan Jansson
Assistant Head of Business Administration

Tomas Sjögren

Tomas Sjögren
Assistant Head of Economics

Anders Lundquist
Assistant Head of Statistics

Anna Strömbom
Head of Administration

Sofia Isberg
Head of education

USBE Office

USBE Office assists the three departments in questions related to finances, internal and external communication, projects, recruitment and staff issues and IT-support. The USBE office also includes student support functions such as student counselling, career center as well as internationalization.




USBE Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for the USBE's overall, long-term mission, the school's vision, goals and strategies regarding education, research, as well as activities connected with business life and administration.

Mandate period: January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2025

Louise Ring (Chairperson)
Maria Hedblom
Jonas Häggström
Peter Juneblad
Sören Kock

Mats Bergman
Xavier de Luna
Ruth Mannelqvist
Ulrica Nylén
Per-Olof Ågren
Magnus Wikström (Substitute)
Gabrielle Söderberg (PhD student representative)

And two student representatives elected by the Umeå University students union.

USBE Advisory Board

The Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics has a board which is made up of experts from the business community and the public sector, collaborating with the school in order to develop the school's activities.

Board members include the following:
Anna Andersdotter, Sveriges allmännytta
Mats Bergman, Handelshögskolan (sammankallare)
Ylva Billing, Skellefteå Science City
Rob Britton, AirLearn and Georgetown University
Nils-Olof Forsgren, Uminova Innovation
Erik Frohm, Europeiska centralbanken (ECB)
Devi R. Gnyawali, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
Henrik Johansson, Grant Thornton
Karin Johansson, Nordea
Anna-Karin Nilsson, Vitec
Håkan Olofsson, Ball Corporation
Simone Raschig, SAP SE
Peter Renkel, Konftel
Oskar Riby, RISE
Tom Sarin, Komatsu Forest
Ann-Christine Schmidt, Skellefteå Kraft
Magnus Stenvall, Umeå Energi AB
Lois Stevenson, Self-employed
David Sundström, Trafikverket
Kristina Säfsten, Övik Energi
Royne Söderström, Akademiska Hus
Anna Thoursie, Ad recte resolvere AB, SOFI
Emma Zetterdahl, Spotify Advertising

The Foundation for Economic Research - USBE

Peter Hansi, Handelsbanken – Chair
Hans Wiklund, Umeå University
Maria Annér Liedberg, COOP Nord
Anna Pettersson, Region Västerbotten
Greg Neely, Faculty of Social Science

Mats Bergman, USBE - Consulting
Carina Gustafsson, Planning Office - Secretary

Per & Eivor Wikströms Foundation

Carl-Johan Gestrup (Chair)
Åke Fredholm (Secretary)
Anders Wikström
Carl Wikström
Louise Ring
Mats Bergman
Ruth Mannelqvist

Contact us

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Social Sciences Building, Biblioteksgränd 6, Umeå

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Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics
SE-901 87 Umeå


Phone (operator): +46 (0)90- 786 50 00

Latest update: 2024-03-15