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Research at Várdduo

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Várdduo means "a mountain with a wide view" in the Ume Sámi language. The name symbolises our view on research, and how we work at the centre. We promote interdisciplinary and transboundary research in order to deepen and widen Sámi research at Umeå University, and beyond.

Research projects

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Várdduo´s publication series

Read more about Sámi Dutkan and Skrifter från Várdduo - Centrum för samisk forskning.

Várdduo works to initiate and coordinate research in Sápmi, on Sámi culture, society, history and language. Várdduo is a node for doctoral students and researchers from different disciplines within the university. In collaboration with Sámi organizations, associations and actors we create a positive research environment where creative meetings and different perspectives enrich research.

Latest update: 2021-04-21