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Marta Bally

Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow: Infection Biology

Virus-membrane interactions

The viral infectious cycle begins and ends with cell surface interactions, from finding the target cell for infection to the escape of viral progeny. These interactions are complex dynamic processes requiring a series of fine-tuned and well-timed biomolecular recognition events. Those play an essential role in modulating the multitude of physiological processes occurring at the cell surface.

Understanding the mechanisms that underlie how viruses interact with the cell surface is essential for the design of anti-viral therapies. To elucidate these mechanisms, my group adopts a multidisciplinary approach combining traditional cell studies used in the field of virology with advanced biophysical approaches relying on various cell surface mimics displaying a broad spectrum of complexity and live-cell microscopy.

Among other, my group is currently studying the mechanisms modulating attachment, detachment and diffusion of viruses on cell-surface carbohydrates. We are also developing biosensor platforms for the testing of anti-viral drugs.

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Latest update: 2022-12-08