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The group leaders at WCMM investigate aspects of molecular medicine within infection biology, cancer, neuroscience and metabolic disorders including diabetes. The 13 Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows are recruited on tenure track positions. Four of the Fellows are clinicians and combine their employment with clinical service at the University Hospital of Umeå. Several WCMM-associated researchers also belong to the centre, including clinicians with 50% research time.

WCMM Fellows

Francesca Aguilo

RNA-based gene regulation of cell fate and breast cancer

Marta Bally

Virus-membrane interactions

Ronnie Berntsson

Fellow: Horizontal gene transfer

Lars-Anders Carlson

Viruses, membranes & microscopy

Changchun Chen

Oxygen sensing

Andreas Josefsson

Fellow: Prostate cancer

Olof Lagerlöf

Fellow: Mind-Brain Connections of Food Intake

Silvia Remeseiro

Fellow: Long-range gene regulation and 3D chromatin organization in glioblastoma

Kristoffer Sahlholm

Dopamine receptor pharmacology and function

Ignacio Mir Sanchis

Fellow: Antimicrobial resistance - phage therapy

Alireza Salami

Fellow: Cognitive neuroscience of aging

Daniel Öhlund

Pancreatic cancer

WCMM-associated researchers

Intissar Anan

Transthyretin amyloidosis: diagnosis and treatment

Gustav Andersson

Peripheral nerve injuries

Staffan Berglund

Key nutrients for optimal infant development

Oskar Hemmingsson

C. elegans model to study novel treatments of cancer

Elias Johansson

Carotid stenosis

Elin Kindstedt

The association between periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis

Cecilia Koskinen Holm

Periodontal disease and Ehlers Danlos syndrome

Hugo Lövheim

Herpes virus and Alzheimer´s disease

Johan Normark

The immunology of concomitant infection

Hanna Nyström

Colorectal liver metastases

Nelly Romani Vestman

Future directions in regenerative endodontics

Martin Rutegård

Surgical technique and complications in rectal cancer surgery

Anna Södergren

Atherosclerosis in rheumatic diseases

Bethany Van Guelpen

Colorectal cancer and diagnostic biomarkers

Gisa Gerold

Virus interaction proteomics

Katharina Wulff

Brain health - integrating biological rhythms, sleep and daylight