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Dual Career Programme

Image: Torbjörn Forsberg

Umeå University assist new international employees and postdoctoral scholarship holders to get a smooth relocation and landing in Umeå. Academic staff is often joined by a partner who is high-level educated and interested in pursuing an independent professional career. The Dual Career Programme aims to make it easier for accompanying partners to find a job, education and social networks in Umeå.

Dual Career Programme services are available for spouses and partners of any prospective employee/postdoctoral scholarship holder who is considering relocation to Umeå, and of any current employee/scholarship holder.

Dual Career Program contains different themes and include webinars and seminars where you will receive information about available tools and service of how to find employment, university courses and Swedish courses. 

The program offers no guarantee to get a job as you are and will remain responsible for your own career path. 

Dual Career Programme

Read more about the different themes below and sign up to upcoming events in the calendar.

Information, guidance and welcome meeting

The Human Resources Office coordinates the Dual Career Programme and Network. If you need personal guidance or information about the programme you are welcome to contact us.

Job search and career counselling 

Are you interested in working in Umeå and need guidance and information on how to take the first steps? We welcome you to participate the free webinars by Annika Sund from the Swedish Public Employment Service.  Sign up to participate in an online webinar or book an appointment for an individual consultation.

Online webinar

The online webinar includes information about:

  • The main sectors, which ones have shortages or surpluses, the role of employers’ organisations and trade unions, labour law
  • The working conditions, including contracts, salary, working hours, social codes at work
  • Regional business and corporate structure
  • Support and service for jobseekers 
  • Available webinars about how to search for jobs and write a job application 

Individual consultation 

If you need, you can book an individual consultation with Annika Sund. She can assist you with information about the Swedish Labor Market, reviewing your cover letter and CV and identifying appropriate employment opportunities.

Annika Sund, EURES advisor at The Swedish Public Employment Service

Study counseling at Umeå University

Umeå University offers a wide range of courses in English, which may enable you to continue your studies or develop knowledge within new fields.

The general study counsellors at Umeå University provide individual help with:

  • Information about courses and programmes at Umeå University
  • Eligibility and admission procedures
  • Evaluation of foreign qualifications
  • Information about how to learn Swedish


If you need personal study guidance you are welcome to contact one of the study counsellors to book an individual meeting.


Umeå University collaborates with other universities in Sweden within the Euraxess network. Here is some of the webinars you can attend:

  • Dual Career Linkedin Seminar
  • Seminar about Family law
  • Intercultural communication
  • The Swedish labour market
  • Gender equality, the Swedish approach
  • Information from the Tax Agency – popular registration and taxes
  • Pension

More information about dual career and spouse support


There are currently no upcoming events for this area. Do you want to see upcoming events for the entire university? Go to our calendar.

Contact information to DCP Coordinators

Contact information to DCP Coordinators

Latest update: 2024-01-10