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Living in Umeå and Sweden

Umeå is not only the largest city in northern Sweden, but also one of the country's fastest growing cities. It is a vibrant city with a young population that encourages free-thinking and open-mindedness.

Umeå is a city of contrasts. From snowy winters to sunny summer days, from the coast and sea to the deep forests; from the vibrant city life to quiet auroral nights. More than 130,000 people live here, adding life and colour to the city.

Living in Umeå

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Find your way

All roads may not lead to Umeå, but it's easy to get here anyway – by plane, train, bus or car. Umeå Airport is one of Sweden's busiest, and is so close downtown Umeå that you can actually go there by bicycle. If you want to choose something more climate friendly than air travel, you can catch a train – from Stockholm it's only a 6 hour trip. By car you hit the E4 or E12 and have the chance to discover other nice spots on your way to, and around, Umeå.

Easy to get around

In Umeå, it is close to everything. Workplaces, entertainment, leisure activities and nature areas - most are within walking distance. It is easy to take part in what the city has to offer. Cycling is often the very best way to get around, thanks to a well-branched network of cycle paths. The city buses connect the different areas of the city with good geographical coverage and frequent trips. Just a few kilometers outside the city is Umeå International Airport.

Close to nature

In Umeå you have the untouched and wild nature of Västerbotten around the corner. The proximity to nature reserves, hiking trails, wildlife and rushing rivers means endless opportunities for outdoor life, exercise and experiences.

Take the opportunity to go fishing, skiing or hiking. Umeå's proximity to nature offers many possibilities.

Family friendly

Umeå is a city with low crime statistics. The streets are quiet and safe and the residents are honest and helpful. The municipality invests in children and young people and there are many activities such as a skate park, ski lopes, training facilities, a curling hall, ice hockey halls and much more.

A green and sustainable city

Umeå is a green and sustainable city with residents and companies that respect the nature of northern Sweden and really care about protecting the environment. The city's green profile is further strengthened by the fact that Umeå is known as the "City of Birches" - an epithet that has its origins in the approximately 2,500 birches that were planted along the city's wide streets during the reconstruction after the great city fire of 1888.

City of culture

In Umeå, cultural workers and artists has gathered since the 1970s, and when such people come together – stuff happens. Here you find museums, a sculpture park, an opera and a professional symphony orchestra - but also cultural associations, music festivals, several smaller theatres and an international literary festival, among many other events. As proof of the city's vibrant cultural scene, Umeå was named European Capital of Culture 2014.

Living in Sweden

Do you want to know more about living in Sweden? Check out the website The official site of Sweden to read and learn more about the people in sweden, our traditions, our nature and how it is to work and study here. You can also visit the website Visit Sweden to find out the best destinations to discover and what food you must try when visiting Sweden. 


Umeå Postdoc Society (UPS)
Faculty of Science and Technology (in collaboration with Faculty of Medicin)
Founded in 2020, the Umea Postdoc Society (UPS) aims to shape the research environment for Postdocs at Umea University by connecting postdoctoral researchers across departments and disciplines.

Future Faculty at Faculty of Medicine
The aim of Future Faculty is to advance the conditions for young and future researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and to promote the development of a good career system within the Faculty of Medicine and Umeå University. Future Faculty represents non-tenured researchers with a PhD in relevant University bodies.

Vän i Umeå (Friend in Umeå) 
A network with the aim to create meetings and kinship between people in Umeå from different countries and cultures. They have a large number of different groups and activities that are created from the members' interest and ideas. 

Associations in Umeå
There are a large number of associations in Umeå if you are interested in a particular area, like fishing or culture. It is also possible to start your own association.

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Discover Umeå

Quick facts about Umeå (2022)

• Population: 130 997 (July 2022)
• Year founded: 1622
• Average age: 39
• Nationalities: 90
• Companies: 14,000
• Sports and leisure facilities: 200
• Exercise trails: 160 km
• Cycle paths: 262 km
• Annual hours of sunshine: 1,800
• Number of birches in the city centre: 2,300
• Sunrise on 21 June: 02:21
• Sunset on 21 June: 22:59

Source: www.umea.se/fakta

Latest update: 2023-09-15