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Exploratory workshop in cognitive & educational neuroscience

Tid Tisdag 2 november till onsdag 3 november, 2021 kl. 10:00 - 14:00
Plats Aula Nordica, Zoom

The exploratory workshops aim to enhance stronger relations of reciprocity between researchers and educators/teachers interested in the emerging field of educational neuroscience and to establish collaboration among educators.

Three exploratory and thematically workshops is organized  with the intention to share experiences and knowledge of concern for both researchers and educational practitioners.

This exploratory approach is to our knowledge unique in the Swedish context as it aims to discuss issues of education and educational neurosciences across disciplinary borders and thus provide an increased understanding of what educational neuroscience can and cannot contribute with concerning education.

This approach will have the potential to spark inter – and multidisciplinary research projects, which in the end, will be beneficial for educational related research


For whom
The first two workshops are open for all interested, both researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds (educational science, special-needs education, didactic, psychology, pedagogic, neuroscience, cognitive science, etc.) and educators (teachers at all levels, headmasters, school leaders, etc.).

The third workshop is aiming for discussing research applications and will be for invited researchers and practitioners only.

Evenemangstyp: Workshop
Sara Franke-Wikberg
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