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Research Seminar - Hanne Hede Jørgensen

Tid Tisdag 12 januari, 2021 kl. 13:00 - 15:00
Plats Zoom

13:15-15:00 via Zoom. For the link, write to  brendon.clark@umu.se

During the seminar, Hanne will introduce her PhD project. Attached find a recommended text to contextualize Hanne's doctoral studies, and a Danish publication of her's.

Designing for pedagogical play practices in school
The pivot of my PhD project is the play practices of pedagogues. The project elucidates if and how pedagogues, who participate in a design for play, discover and develop play practices that can support a diversity of play participations amongst children. The purpose is to support children's ability to play in schools in general, however, the children who risk exclusion from the play communities have a special focus. The Programme of the PhD is thus what I call pedagogical play practices and the Research Question is: How can the making of play designs explore and develop pedagogical play practices that support school children's participation in play?

Collaboration with pedagogues is essentials in the study. Together with pedagogues in two schools I design for different play types and I use these play designs as explorative experiments in order to explore what pedagogical play practices can be. In addition, I have made two kinds of move testing experiments in search for ways to support pedagogues in developing a reflective and play sensitive repertoire for actions. One I call Dramatic Reflexion. The purpose of this is to engage and provoke the bodily knowledge of pedagogues. The other I - for now - call a Child-centred-doll-experiment. The purpose of this is to put my self in a pedagogical play situation, I do that in order to explore the pedagogical play practices in a phenomenological way and to create cases for the pedagogues to reflect upon.

My ambition is to generate a theory of designing for development of pedagogical play practices in schools; a theory that includes a definition of what pedagogical play practices might be and some design principles that other pedagogues can use when they want to develop their play practices in a pedagogical way.

My name is Hanne Hede Jørgensen. My educational background is cand. mag in Literature and dramaturgy. I am associated professor at Pædagoguddannelsen, VIA, Aarhus. I have taught coming pedagogues since 1999. My topics were children's culture, play, pedagogic and organizational cultures. Prior to the research I am doing now, I have done research on children's perspectives on their everyday life in Kindergarten and on how pedagogues understand what good practices are.

I am now doing a PhD on Codesign for Play and Pedagogical practice. I am doing it at Designschool Kolding. I have a lot of experience on working with pedagogues and children and I am biased according to the professions of pedagogues. Meaning, I have written critical articles on neo-liberal tendencies within the profession of pedagogues, argumenting for more reflective and classical practices. The area of design is new to me. I have until now no experience on conducting and participating in design processes. It seems, however, that my educational background on literature and dramaturgy suddenly has become interesting and applicable in new ways.

Arrangör: Designhögskolan
Evenemangstyp: Seminarium