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Research Seminar

Tid Tisdag 8 januari, 2019 kl. 13:15 - 15:00
Plats Red Room

Research Seminar with Marije de Haas - Critically matching concept and content to context

The Research Through Design (RtD) conference uses exhibition as a platform for presenting and demonstrating research processes and outputs, and for generating debate on the role of the design practitioner and their work in a research context. I sent in a proposal to RtD 2019 based on the work I presented at the PhD Festival and I am happy to say that it was accepted.

In this seminar I would like to ask your help to address this suggestion for improvement: "One issue for the exhibition would be to be aware of the different audience expectations. The paper describes the how the approach was successful in engaging those with a specific interest in the subject (experts, people with personal experience) and describing the impact of the following discussions. RTD is about the research methods so it would be preferable to explore how the exhibition might differ for a design research audience - ie. don't simply present exactly the same material in the same format."

As you are a perfect representation of the RtD audience, I would be very grateful to hear your opinions on how I could adapt the content of my work to match the context it will be presented in.

This seminar could take shape as a feedback session, I will bring some materials for other forms of feedback, sketches, clay and so on. If you have any thing(s) you think could be of interest, please bring them (images, links, books, references).

I hope we can make this seminar not all about me, but that perhaps it would be a nice time to reflect on all our individual work and how we can adapt content to match context.

I am attaching the PDF that I submitted for reference.

Arrangör: Designhögskolan
Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
Jens Persson
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