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Seminarium: Arvid Horned

Tid Fredag 3 juni, 2022 kl. 13:15 - 14:30
Plats Psykologis konferensrum och via Zoom

Välkomna till ett seminarium med Arvid Horned, doktorand på Institutionen för datavetenskap.

Anxiety is a great source of harm to human wellbeing and AI-systems actually tend to worsen this harm, at a more and more global and increasing scale

Om seminariet
“We come as AI scientists driven by the goal of designing anxiety-sensitive AI systems, i.e. how to use AI systems for reducing the sources of anxiety in society, both from AI systems and beyond (e.g. AI for improving work conditions). Our former research lead us to study how AI can deal with anxiety:  developing AI-systems that can take anxiety into account when supporting humans, using solutions that require a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of anxiety. In this seminar, which we wish to frame as a discussion narrowing a brainstorming session, we want to talk together about the suitability of AI for dealing with anxiety: are there anxiety-related issues for which AI systems can be a useful tool? Are our computational models sound from a psychological standpoint?”

Välkomna att delta via Zoom

Evenemangstyp: Seminarium