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Seminarium: Dalia Abdelhady

Tid Fredag 8 april, 2022 kl. 10:15 - 12:00
Plats Rum för lärande och Zoom

Dalia Abdelhady, Lunds universitet, håller i seminariet:

Learning to Succeed, Learning to Endure: The working-class children of immigrants in three contexts 

In this project, I examine the subjective understanding of success among members of three groups of children of immigrants from Mexico, North Africa and Turkey, in Dallas, Paris and Berlin respectively, by accounting for their educational and early labor market experiences. I focus on the working-class children of immigrants in the three settings, as they are at the highest risk of downward mobility. Based on the narratives collected, frames of reference play a significant role in shaping the subjective understandings of success among the three groups, but each group uses a different frame of reference. In the presentation, I discuss the patterns in using frames of reference and the ways these patterns shape the children of immigrants’ understanding of their experiences in the labor market. These understandings, I argue, are key to analyzing their perceptions of citizenship and belonging.


Välkomna att delta i Zoom

Seminariet är på engelska och ges i hybridform (Rum för lärande och Zoom). Medarbetare vid institutionen får zoom-länken via utskick. Intresserade utifrån får länken via mail från samuel.merrill@umu.se 




Evenemangstyp: Seminarium