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Seminarium: Jeffrey Mitchell och Daniel La Parra Casado

Tid Onsdag 21 september, 2022 kl. 14:00 - 15:45
Plats Kapitalet och Zoom

Jeffrey Mitchell från Sociologiska institutionen och Daniel La Parra Casado från Sociology Department vid University of Alicante håller i seminariet:

Who gets the blame and who gets the credit? Policing, assistance, and institutional trust among the Roma in Europe


In many European countries the Roma are the largest minority group, and research often highlights their heightened exposure to discrimination, harassment, and even abuse during interactions with the state. In contrast, many governments have assistance programs targeted to the Roma in an effort to boost integration. However, there is strikingly little systematic quantitative research on how these experiences are related to the trust that the Roma place in institutions. This study addresses this gap by using EU-MIDIS II data from 9 European countries to assess the relationship between institutional trust and the experiences the Roma have with the police and assistance programs. Our analyses show that different experiences relate to trust in institutions differently: interactions with the police, either by being stopped or assaulted are most strongly associated with lower trust in the police and local government. In contrast, those who report having received assistance based on their minority membership are associated with modestly higher levels of trust across institution types. These results are consistent across the countries included in the analysis, and highlight the importance of institutional assistance and procedural justice in fostering or eroding trust amongst minority populations.

Välkomna att delta i Zoom
Seminariet är på engelska och ges i hybridform (Kapitalet och Zoom). Zoomlänk: https://umu.zoom.us/j/61147773451

Evenemangstyp: Seminarium