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Seminarium: Juta Kawalerowicz

Tid Fredag 3 mars, 2023 kl. 10:00 - 12:00
Plats BET.C2.306 i Beteendevetarhuset och via Zoom

They take away our jobs: the sub-national interplay between natives' unemployment and attitudes toward immigrants

Juta Kawalerowicz, Stockholms universitet håller i seminariet. 


The point of departure of this study is labor market competition theory which argues that the reasons for negative attitudes toward immigrants can be found in conditions prevailing on the labor market. In countries with rising unemployment and many immigrants the latter are considered to be a threat to the economic standard of living of the native population. The logic of the present study is that neither factor has a strong effect on xenophobic attitudes in the absence of the other. The contribution of this paper is a macro-level analysis of the conditions in 178 European regions that may affect the attitudes towards immigrants. The study: (1) Spans 6 ESS waves (2) beside the main (additive) effect of each factor involved expands the analysis with an interaction (multiplicative) term. In such an empirical setting a simultaneous threat from increased unemployment and rising immigration flows can be analyzed in a way where the model is in accordance with such an understanding of labor market competition theory. The results indicate that when native unemployment is low the attitudes toward immigration and immigrants are not influenced by increasing immigration, but when native unemployment is rising high immigration flows are perceived as a threat.


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Seminariet ges i hybridform, BET.C2.306 i Beteendevetarhuset och via Zoom. 

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