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Seminarium: Martin Berg

Tid Fredag 21 april, 2023 kl. 10:00 - 12:00
Plats Rum för lärande, Humanisthuset

Duct-tape solutionism in public automation: Repairing for emergent futures (that might not come)

Välkomna till seminariet som hålls av Martin Berg, professor i medieteknik och docent i sociologi vid Malmö universitet. 

Martin Berg kommer att diskutera några resultat från projektet "Working with Algorithmic Colleagues: Expectations and Experiences of Automated Decision-Making" finansierat av Vetenskapsrådet.

In Sweden, public administration is increasingly seen as a potential site for automation. Data-driven process automation is believed to alleviate administrative drudgery and support a goal-driven, efficient public sector. Drawing on ethnographic research with stakeholders from approximately ten Swedish municipalities, this talk explores two central and interrelated ideas: firstly, that the future will necessitate automation to prevent the public sector from collapsing, as it is perceived as dysfunctional and in need of repair; and secondly, that we must prepare for an automated future by transforming today's work forms and routines to be compatible with machine communication when needed. As I will demonstrate, the interaction between these two lines of thought reveals that the preparations involve constant repair work, yet these efforts are seldom deemed satisfactory. It appears to involve temporary, makeshift solutions, which continually defer the anticipated future. In this sense, repair becomes a form of future-making where the future is persistently delayed, making it a perpetually moving target.

Välkommen att delta
Seminariet ges i hybridform, Rum för lärande och via Zoom. 

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