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Porträttbild på Stina Bergman Blix, Uppsala universitet

Seminarium: Stina Bergman Blix

Tid Fredag 3 maj, 2024 kl. 10:00 - 12:00
Plats HUM.G.211

Välkommen till ett seminarium med Stina Bergman Blix, Sociologiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet, med titeln:

Just Emotions – emotional processes of legal decision-making in court


The ideals of objectivity, impartiality and independence make up the foundation of a democratic rule of law and are vital for reproducing public trust in the legal system. However, these ideals are imbued with strong norms of non-emotional rationality that run counter to current knowledge about decision-making processes, begging the question how emotions inform legal decision-making in actual practice. JUSTEMOTIONS is an ongoing research project that explores, with ethnographic methods, the emotive-cognitive processes of legal evaluation and judging in criminal cases in Sweden, Italy, USA and Scotland.

In this talk, I will present some conceptual developments and empirical results from the project, focusing how emotions guide and motivate rational inferences in legal decision making and how legal professionals make independent decisions within a collective social order.

Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
Jeffrey Mitchell
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