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Seminarium: Tamás Bartus

Tid Fredag 20 maj, 2022 kl. 10:15 - 12:00
Plats Zoom

Tamás Bartus, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, håller i seminariet.

Educational hypogamy, union stability and fertility. Evidence from the Hungarian Generations and Gender Survey


The presentation summarizes the main findings of a manuscript (under review), co-authored with Dávid Erát (University of Pécs, Hungary).

Empirical studies examining the implications of female educational hypogamy (aka „marrying down”) often reported a negative association between marrying down and two important aspects of a relationship: the number of children born to the couple and the stability of the union.

Some studies found that this negative hypogamy effect is conditional on female education, but the evidence on conditional effects is limited, especially from Eastern European countries. Drawing on the multiple equilibrium theory of gender revolution, it is argued that the negative effect of educational hypogamy on union stability and fertility should be the strongest among women with a medium level of education. The empirical study draws on the Hungarian Generations and Gender Survey and focuses on women born between 1971 and 1983. Hypogamy effects are present only among women with secondary education: educational hypogamy (1) decreases second birth hazards, provided that the first child is aged 2-6; and (2) increases the hazard of partnership dissolution, an effect which is driven by childless women. The conditional hypogamy effects suggest that educational hypogamy is likely to affect fertility and partnership outcomes by hindering the equal division of domestic and childcare responsibilities.

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