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Un/Making Pollination

Tid Onsdag 3 februari, 2021 kl. 14:30 - 17:00
Plats Online

The UID Climate Group is happy to welcome the Un/Making Studio (and possibly Li Jönsson) for the Wednesday lecture on February 3!

Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl run the Un/Making Studio as part of the design research project Un/Making Matters.

The Un/Making Pollination lecture and workshop will explore what it means to live in a time when we encounter various kinds of report, speculations, and predictions of a thin and limited future. For example the loss of pollinators, that also comes with the loss of fruit vegetables, berries and more...

As a participant you will make pollination tools yourself and will need to gather some materials before the workshop. You will also receive a poster and a postcard from the Un/Making Studio before the workshop, and it is limited to a maximum amount of 20 students and staff of UID.

Please register via this link below (Google form) if you would like to attend:

See you there!
UID Climate Group

Arrangör: Designhögskolan
Evenemangstyp: Workshop