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Schema och litteratur

Höstterminen 2020

3MB037 Advanced Biomedicine General schedule HT20

3MB037 Advanced Biomedicine Detailed schedule part 1 preliminary HT20

Vårterminen 2020

5MO115 Bioinformatik och Genomanalys v20200503

5MO101 Animal and PLANT PHYSIOLOGY V20 preliminary

5MO101 Animal and Plant Physiology V20 schedule

5MO101 Animal and Plant Physiology V20 booklet

5MO114 Structure Biology V20

5MO107 Transgene technology

3MB020 Microbial pathogenesis_symtoms and diagnostics 20200127

5MO113 Gene expression 200213
Genetics: From Genes to Genomes (5th International edition)
Leland H. Hartwell; Michael L. Goldberg; Janice A. Fischer; Leroy Hood; Charles F. Aquadro. Published by McGraw-Hill Education, U.S.A. (2014)
ISBN 10: 0073525316 ISBN 13: 9780073525310
Note: 4th Edition free download at:

3MB031 5MO120 Molecular Genetics 2020
Information regarding litterature can be found in the schedule

5MO108 Immunochemical techniques 7 5hp VT20 200110
Kuby: Immunology, 7:th edition Kindt, Thomas J. Publisher: H. Freeman & Co Ltd

3MB038 5MO100 Cell Biology V20
Welcome letter Cell Biologi V20 (851 kB)
Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, (5th or 6th edition)

5MO112 Genetics and Gene Technology V20 revised 191212
"Genetics: from genes to genomes" (5th edition) LeLand Hartwell, Michael Goldberg, Janice Fischer, Leroy Hood, and Charles (Chip) Aquadro McGraw Hill, ISBN10: 0073525316, ISBN13: 9780073525310 (2014)
Note: Online electronic 4th editions of this book can be downloaded for free at:

Höstterminen 2019

5MO099 GeneticsII 20191202
Hartwell et al.: GENETICS, from genes to genomes. 6th edition or 5th edition.

5MO012 Tillämpad cellbiologi 191003
Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, (5th or 6th edition).

5MO098 Neurobiology 2019 191014
"Neuroscience" Purves, Augustine, Fitzpatrick et al (Editors) Sinauer, (6th edition but older editions works fine too).

5MO102 3MB034 Tumour Biology 2019 191001
”The Biology of Cancer” 2nd edition by Robert A.
Weinberg (2013) Publisher: Garland Science. ISBN 9780815342205.

5MO014 Project in biotechnology with measurement systems

3MB035, 5MO104 Basic and Molecular Genetics 2019
Hartwell et al.: GENETICS, from genes to genomes. 5th and 6th edition

5MO097 Bacterial Physiology and Pathogenesis HT19 190923
Online resource: Todar’s Online textbook of Bacteriology at 
Online resource: Microbiology and Immunology Online at
Online resource: N. Parker, M. Schneegurt, A.T Tu, B. M. Forster, P. Lister (2016) “Microbiology” Online at
Other material provided by the Department.

5MO103 3MB036 Microbiology and Basic Molecular Biology 190619
N. Parker, M. Schneegurt, A.T Tu, B. M. Forster, P. Lister (2016) “Microbiology” OpenStax. Freely available as online version, pdf, print copy (order from or and iBook.

5MO072 Inledande ingenjörskurs bioteknik_2019_preliminär
Bioteknik: ingen kursbok
Matematik: Introduktion till högre studier i matematik, Robert Johansson, Lars-Daniel Öhman, 2017, ISBN 9789147113361.

5MO096_Immunology course_schedule_2019
Janeway's Immunobiology 9th edition by Kenneth Murphy, Casey Weaver
ISBN 9780815345510.

5MO112/3MB033 Farmakologi H19
Rang Dale's Pharmacology, 9th edition, Churchill Livingstone, 2019.

3MB037 Advanced biomedicine preliminary 190701

5MO105 Advanced molecular biology HT19 - preliminary 190702

5MO013 Organismbiologi 2019