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Action Research Project 2.0, 7,5 hp

Kursen är nedlagd från och med 2021-06-09

Engelskt namn: Action Research Project 2.0

Denna kursplan gäller: 2009-08-31 och tillsvidare

Kurskod: 6IT040

Högskolepoäng: 7,5

Utbildningsnivå: Avancerad nivå

Huvudområden och successiv fördjupning: Inget huvudområde: Avancerad nivå, kursens fördjupning kan inte klassificeras

Betygsskala: Tregradig skala

Ansvarig institution: Institutionen för tillämpad utbildningsvetenskap

Beslutad av: Fakultetsnämnden för lärarutbildning, 2008-11-25


This course will focus on putting ideas in action through conducting an action research project that involves the application of resources and tools which utilise Web 2.0 and social media applications by integrating them into the design and development of teaching situations, pedagogical activities and learning environments. Web 2.0 enables users to create content in such a way that allows others to both read and write to a web environment. Social media is a feature of Web 2.0 involving tools that are used to communicate in different settings such as one-to many (blog or podcast) and many-to-many (wiki). A major feature of social media is that it enables people to connect together, providing a space in which they can interact and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. ICT supported collaborative learning can be develop to encourage active and inquiry-based approaches to learning. Educational action research is seen as providing a framework for thinking systematically about what happens in teaching situations and learning environments, implementing action for change and monitoring and evaluating the effects of the action with a view to continuing the development for improvement.

Förväntade studieresultat

On successful completion of this course of study participants should be able to: - Define relevant developmental goals and appropriate research questions to underpin the design of an educational action research project - Defend a position in relation to educational action research, research methodology and methods with reference to relevant literature - Critically analyse a range of theories about the nature of action research in order to describe an informed position as an action researcher - Address all associated ethical implications from the outset of the study - Synthesise the findings from a review of current relevant literature in order to refine developmental goals and associated research questions - Implement an action research project for conducting the educational development, reflect on action and critically evaluate its impact on student learning outcomes


Participants need to have studied for 180 ECTS at the Basic Level of Higher Education in Education, Computer Science or closely related field OR in any subject area together with relevant experience of at least 2 years duration in teaching, training, digital media production or consultancy. This course has been designed for participants who have completed New Technologies of e-Learning 2.0 or equivalent.

Undervisningens upplägg

This module will be structured around the process of conducting an action research project that will involve the identification of the key developmental goals and research questions, research methodology and methods, addressing of research ethics, review of relevant literature and an activity plan. It will involve the implementation of an action research project for conducting the educational development, reflection on action and the critical evaluation of its impact on student learning outcomes. There will be a number of moments during the course through which participants will share their ideas and provide peer feedback to others though the social networking community environment. Each participant will have the support of a study supervisor organised by the local institution to provide one to one tuition and support. Admission to the course will take place at the start of the term.


Each participant will present a commentary in the form of a self assessment of how he or she has been able to meet each of the learning outcomes. In addition this will be supported by an outline of how s/he has participated in all the module activities. The submission of work for final examination will be through an Action Research Report of approximately 3000 words.


Giltig från: 2009 vecka 36

Core reading

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Recommended web sources

Jean McNiff, Action Research for Professional Development [WWW document] URL http://www.jeanmcniff.com/booklet1.html#ite (Visited 19 Oct 08) John Elliott on Action Research [WWW document] URL http://www.viddler.com/explore/dominiklukes/videos/10/ (Visited 19 Oct 08)

Recommended reading

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London : Falmer Press : 1986 : x,249p :
ISBN: 1-85000-089-1 (cased)
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