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For our suppliers and customers

On this page you will find information for our customers and suppliers, for example payment information, the process of invoices and procurement.

Financial information

Electronic invoice (Swedish suppliers)

Send via the PEPPOL-network.
Electronic address: 0007:2021002874.

More electronic formats are available;
See detailed information for our suppliers

Invoice address (Swedish suppliers)

Umeå universitet

Reference code is mandatory.
Umeå university company registration number: 202100-2874.

Bank payments from Sweden

OCR-payments: 5050-0701
Other payments: 5050-0719

See detailed information for our customers

Contact Financial Department

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For our suppliers
For our suppliers

Information for our suppliers concerning invoices etc.

For our customers
For our customers

Financial information for our customers.

Future suppliers
Future suppliers

Information for future suppliers, purchases, procurements.