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For our suppliers

Umeå University prefer to receive invoices electronically, primarily via the PEPPOL-network (Only Swedish suppliers). To ensure that the process runs as smooth as possible and our payments are made on time we ask that you read the below information carefully before billing.

Billing information

Invoices from foreign suppliers
All foreign supplier invoices and other documents are to be billed to:

Umeå university
Name of Department
S-901 87 Umeå

Umeå university VAT-number: SE202100287401

Invoices from Swedish suppliers

From April 1, 2019, all purchases in public procurement shall be invoiced by electronic invoice. Read more about the legal requirement regarding electronic invoices at DIGG.

Note that PDF invoices are not a valid format.

For e-commerce orders, order numbers must be entered in the invoice's order reference field. The University's purchase order number is generated by electronic order to the supplier. It is listed in the following format: IN123456-1


Electronic invoices can be sent via the PEPPOL network.
Electronic address: 0007: 2021002874.


e-invoices can also be sent through Pagero AB's VAN service to receive e-invoices. Identity for the university in the invoice exchange are our corporate identity number 2021002874. The customer reference must be entered in the field "Your reference" (Reference field 1 according to the Swedish invoice terminology).

GLN: 7350095720424


For full text invoice please send an email to 

Supplier Portal

There is the possibility to register E-invoices directly via our supplier portal.

In cases where invoices cannot be sent electronically (agreement signed before 1 April 2019), invoices in paper must be marked with the purchaser's invoice address:

Umeå universitet

Reference code is mandatory and consist of one of the following:

1.  An alphanumerical code consisting of seven (7) characters: 1234ABC
2. A numerical code consisting of four (4) characters: 1234

Umeå university company registration number: 202100-2874.

Payments are made within 30 days after the invoice has been correctly received and delivery has been made.


Read more about procurement at Umeå University

For our customers
For our customers

Financial information for our customers.

Future suppliers
Future suppliers

Information for future suppliers, purchases, procurements.

Contact the Financial Department