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For our customers

As a customer to Umeå University it is important to know how invoices, conference fees, contributions etc. are to be paid in order for the income/revenue to reach the correct department and project.

Payment information

Payments to Umeå university are to be made to different accounts depending on what the payment pertains to. Payments from foreign countries are made to IBAN or bank accounts depending if payments are made from a country using the IBAN-format (EU-countries) or not. There are specific rules concerning funding from the EU commission.

When making payments it is important to state the invoice number or project account number in order for the payment to reach the correct department.

Payments from foreign countries

Account number: 1281-011-8949
IBAN: SE09 1200 0000 0128 1011 8949

Bank address:
Danske Bank
Box 7523
SE-103 92 Stockholm


Payments from Sweden

OCR-payments: Bank account 5050-0701
Other payments: Bank account 5050-0719


For our suppliers

Information for our suppliers concerning invoices etc.

Future suppliers

Information for future suppliers, purchases, procurements.

Contact the Financial Department