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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 14 January 2021)


Annual Celebration

Here is information for you who will attend the Annual Celebration at Umeå University.

Friday 18 October

Opening ceremony of the exhibition
At 11:00-11.30, University Library
No dress code applies

Principal librarian Mikael Sjögren holds an opening ceremony in Swedish of the exhibition at the University Library (Universitetsbiblioteket). Award recipient Katarina Pierre holds a lecture in Swedish: Vad ska vi med konsten till?

Saturday 19 October

At 9:00-12:00, MIT Building and Natural Sciences Building
No dress code applies

The public is welcome to the lectures held by the honorary doctors, new professors and award recipients in MIT Building (MIT-huset) and Natural Sciences Building (Naturvetarhuset).

Create your own lecture programme

Download the lecture programme

Read about the honorary doctors, new professors, medalists and award recipients (in Swedish)


At 17:00, Aula Nordica
Dress code: Formal

The doors to the auditorium in Aula Nordica open at 16:30 and the audience must be seated by 16:50. If you have forgotten your seat number when you enter Aula Nordica you can ask the people standing in the door.

Car parking outside Aula Nordica/Universum and cloak room in Aula Nordica is available for free. A programme for the ceremony is handed out in Brashörnan, on the first floor.

Note: Umeå University photographs and films/live video streams this event to use in their communication. Contact the Communications Office at or talk to the staff if you have any objection to appearing in such images.

What happens at the ceremony?

At the start of the ceremony the honorary doctors, the new professors, the award recipients and medallists will enter the auditorium in procession and take their seats on the stage.

The opening addresses will be followed by the conferment of honorary doctorates, the installation of new professors, and finally by the presentation of awards for scientific achievement and the medals.The guests of honour make no speeches, but each presentation is followed by applause.

The ceremony lasts for approximately two hours.

 Umeå University photographs and films

Umeå University photographs and films/live video streams the ceremony to use in their communication. Contact the Communications Office at or talk to the staff if you have any objection to appearing in such images.

At 19:00. Restaurant Universum
Dress code: Formal

About 470 other guests will attend the banquet. Not tickets are needed.

After the ceremony, there will be a welcome toast for the guests in the Universum Restaurant, which is in the same building as Aula Nordica. The seating plan will be displayed on screens.

At the dinner, a three-course meal will be served with wine or alcohol-free refreshments.

The dinner lasts for approximately three hours and a number of brief speeches will be made during the dinner by speakers asked in advance.  After dinner, an option of dancing is available until 02:00.


Contact Maud Lie by email or phone +46 (0)90 786 68 54 if you need to cancel.

 Ceremony and banquet attire

Formal dress will be worn by guests attending both the ceremony and the banquet, i.e.

  • white tie and tails
  • long evening gown/skirt with separate top in the colour of your choice
  • national costume
  • academic gown

The ribbon of an order may be worn. Only the dean and this year’s honorary doctors of the Faculty of medicine will wear the doctoral hat.

Tuxedo, dark suit or short dress is not considered as formal dress and should not be worn at the banquet.