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Academic ceremonies

Image: Mattias Pettersson

Umeå University annually organises two academic ceremonies: the Spring Graduation and the Annual Celebration. During these ceremonies, our new doctors, jubilee doctors and honorary doctors are conferred. Also, our new professors are installed, award recipients receive their awards, and Medals of Merit are awarded.

Like all other Swedish higher education institutions, Umeå University organises academic ceremonies to recognise, celebrate and commemorate academic success and new appointments. The academic ceremonies originate from the various rituals and ceremonies that developed throughout Europe during the 13th century when the first universities were founded.

Our two academic ceremonies, the Spring Graduation and the Annual Celebration, have many ceremonial similarities, but they also differ in, for example, what academic roles they celebrate. Both ceremonies culminate in a festive banquet for invited guests.

Please note that the main language used during the ceremonies is Swedish. During the Annual Celebration, some lectures open to the public are in English. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to a list explaining terms for academic ceremonies.

Spring Graduation

The Spring Graduation takes place in mid-May every year. During Spring Graduation, the conferment of new doctors who have completed their doctoral education at Umeå University, and jubilee doctors takes place, i.e., individuals conferred or obtained a doctoral degree at Umeå University at least 50 years ago. Pedagogical, scientific and collaboration awards are also awarded teachers, study counsellors and researchers.

Find out more about the Spring Graduation on 12–­13 May 2023

Annual Celebration

At the University’s Annual Celebration in mid-October, honorary doctors are conferred, and new professors are installed. Scientific awards are handed out, and, every three years, a Medal of Merit is awarded. When a new Vice-Chancellor is to be installed, this too takes place at the Annual Celebration.
The 2023 Annual Celebration takes place on 21 October.

Contact us

Reach the organisers of the academic ceremonies – the Annual Celebration and the Spring Graduation – by email: akademiskhogtid@umu.se.

Or by phone:
Master of Ceremonies, Peter Sköld: +46 90-786 63 47
Communications Officer, Tomadj Karimi: +46 72-457 10 25

Latest update: 2023-02-24