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Academic ceremonies

Umeå University holds two academic ceremonies every year. The installment of new professors, appointment of honorary doctors and award recipients in the autumn, and the spring graduation of new doctors.

The Annual Celebration Ceremony is an important tradition for the University to install its newly appointed professors, and celebrate honorary doctors and scientific award recipients. It has become a tradition on campus for the professors, honorary doctors and award recipients to hold open lectures for the general public in conjunction with the official ceremony.

Umeå University invites recent doctoral degree recipients to participate in the special Spring Graduation Ceremony. In connection with this graduation ceremony, the University also honours its distinguished young researchers and instructors that have been recognised for high achievement. This ceremony is open to the general public and guests.

Upcomming events

Due to the pandemic, the Vice-Chancellor has decided to cancel the 2021 Spring Graduation. An extra celebration - Winter Graduation - will be held 4-5 February 2022 for the Doctors, Jubilee Doctors and award recipients who have been affected by the cancelled 2020 and 2021 Spring Graduations. The concept of the Winter Graduation will need to be adjusted slightly in adaptation to the large number of honorees, but the ceremonial characteristics and the overall experience will remain intact. 

Umeå University's Annual Celebration ceremony 22–23 October 2021 will be adjusted in the same manner to accommodate both the 2020 and 2021 Professors, Honorary Doctors, and scientific award recipients.

Contact us

Reach the staff behind the Academic Ceremonies – the Annual Celebration and Spring Graduation – on

Charlotte Wiberg: Master of Ceremonies
Elena Lindholm: +46 90-786 52 44, Marshal
Marika Wahlberg: Communications Officer, +46 90-786 64 64