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Spring Graduation 2023

Image: Anja Sundström

The Spring Graduation is one of the University's two academic celebrations. During two days in May, the University's jubilee doctors, new doctors, and scientific and pedagogical award recipients are celebrated.

The University's academic ceremonies originate from medieval European academic institutions. The ceremonies follow special rituals, with some expressions in Latin and special symbols of academic freedom, so-called doctoral insignia. You can find more information about the ceremonial procedure and what the terms being used mean, through the links at the bottom of this page.

Two of the events of the Spring Graduation (in Swedish: Vårpromotion) are open to the public: the lectures and pedagogical conversations held by the award recipients, and the Spring Graduation Ceremony. However, these events are held in Swedish, with an exception if the doctor or award recipient does not speak Swedish. If so, their receival of their diploma or award during the Spring Graduation Ceremony is held in English. You are, of course, still warmly welcome to attend the Spring Graduation Ceremony.

On Saturday, 13 May


The Spring Graduation Ceremony begins at 16:00, with the doctors, jubilee doctors and award recipients entering the auditorium in procession and taking their seats on stage.

The entire ceremony lasts for about 1.5 to 2 hours. A few seats are reserved, but other than those, seating is free. No specific dress code applies to those attending the ceremony only.

The doors to the auditorium open around 15:30. Please take your seat in due time before 16:00.

Time: 16:00
Place: Aula Nordica

For doctors and award recipients who wish to participate in the 2023 Spring Graduation

Follow the relevant link below to find out what applies to guests of honours – new doctors, jubilee doctors and award recipients – being celebrated at the Spring Graduation.

Contact us

Reach the organisers of the academic ceremonies – the Annual Celebration and the Spring Graduation – by email: akademiskhogtid@umu.se.

Or by phone:
Master of Ceremonies, Peter Sköld: +46 90-786 63 47
Communications Officer, Tomadj Karimi: +46 72-457 10 25

Latest update: 2023-02-24